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I live in a ghost town
Where a rooster is the mayor
And he speaks from up on top a broken Ford
It's all we can afford
But it keeps him honest
He wakes us up
At the crack of 9 or 10
And preaches once again
To a choir that's too far away to hear
Anything he says
Me, my wife, and the mayor is all that's left
Tonight the mayor is coming here for dinner
After that it will just be me and my wife
My sister's family lives in a better place
They send us pictures of the kids wearing Dodgers jerseys
And they're never coming back
But they send along their checks
And soon we'll join them
Under the table
My friends are able to
Pay for nice cars
Nice clothes, and apartments
Good schools for everyone
Clean lakes for fishing
And Mary is worshipped in cool air conditioning
It's all ours