1. Bijou Bridge
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Each morning he wanders away from his home in Acacia
Searching for pennies, across from the Denny's
He summons the courage to face us
'Cause he hates us
Us men and women
So evil-hearted
Our country's leaders
Don't get him started
Look out now, he's so mad he's-a-hopping
He might be harmless
But there's no stopping him
The kids, they stare
But no one else who passes seem to care
He's there
Sharing all the wisdom of a man who's lost his mind
On Bijou Bridge
He hates the cheaters
The welfare run of
The bottom feeders
Of which he's one of
Oh dear lord, he smells worse than you imagine
But in a mindset
In mental pageantry
He's king, this town
And all the passersby who watch the ground
Can't see
He's handing out the answers and they're absolutely free
On Bijou Bridge
He laughs and laughs in spite
There's something in the mountain air tonight, alright
He'll curse your god and spread his arms and take his final flight
Off Bijou Bridge