1. Benediction

From the recording Gimmick (2002)

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Call heaven
I just found a tenant
Strike me dead if all her neighbors look like this
She's tried me
Her personality delightful
Though I find myself quite frightful
She says I'm the only one
But I can't find the piece of mind
When she's always on the phone
And we're never quite alone
And talking's hard when there's not much nice to say
I don't know why I love her so
Another clown to pass her time
Another reason to her rhyme
Another reason
So I guess that this is love
So happy I found love
Wrong feeling
We need to talk about our cancer
I try to call but there's no answer
Let it ring eleven times
Sweet morphine
Please let this die if it's to die and spare these bones
'Cause every second I fall harder
I try to read her mind
Along the altar where she prays
In an alcoholic haze
Am I there in her semi-conscious dreams?
White house with a picket fence
No I know that's not her thing
Lo the choir starts to sing
The benediction
So I guess that this is love
So happy I found love