From the recording What A Day! (2006)

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Dear Sadie
It never feels that bad until they run away from you
Sweet lady
He never caught your eye until he played his song for you
And resisted you
12 roses
He rivaled god above
Pandora's music box played on while you were making love
To wedding bells
Sweet wedding Bells
He's waited
Hoping you'll stop pushing for a future pre-designed
Hooks baited
You've always loved a challenge but this one has broke the line
Oh and just in time
He know's he's nothing left to give
And it always seems so sudden when it ends
Now you're friends
Not even friends
With paper hearts in eyes you'll ask yourself
"If Bo and Hope can make it through then god, why can't I?"
Forever a bridesmaid
Forever impatient bride
12 roses and broken hearts to boot
The quest for endless love is on, all other points are moot
But Sadie you don't wanna love, you only wanna fill the suit
Sweet wedding bells