From the recording What A Day! (2006)

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We paired sentences here
Shared a smile there
Spoke with our mutual match-making friends
She's a hard one to read
And man can't succeed
At translating signals she sends
But she's got a love that takes a hold of her
A laugh just like an overture
A mouth that's so kissable I can't look away
But lookin's all I'll do
In fear of the day I'll get
Brushed off by Julie Ray
'Cause I'll come on too strong
Or not enough
Yes it's happened before
You may call me absurd but
If I keep a distance
It stays a crush like I'm
14 forever
and no one gets hurt
She's the model of security
The last shred of human purity
And all of these words I'll eventually say
Just how she makes me feel
Then I'll count down the days 'til I'm
Brushed off by Julie Ray