1. Not Home

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Gonna write a song that's just for me
To try and save my brain from all this primetime TV
The roof it stopped leaking
But the ceiling bears the stains
And the bugs keep on creeping
'Til I wash 'em down the drain
It's not home, it's not home
Nobody here knows who I am
I hail from Michigan where I've played every bar
You know where each house has two guns and five or six cars
And I bled for them and I sweat for them
I always did my thing
But they never stopped to listen 'cause
They'd rather watch the Wings
That's not home, that's not home
Nobody there heard who I am
Calling's are a funny thing, the shit they put you through
Like leaving all you love behind in hopes of selling tunes
The roof, it stopped leaking
But I'm sick from all the mold
And I'd go back to Michigan
But it's way too fucking cold
It's not home, it's not home
Nobody here, nobody there