1. Hey Lindsay
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I think you're something to write home about, with your hair so pretty and your eyes so blue. It's no wonder all I do is twist and shout, and if I'm not mistaken you've been dancing too. Hey Lindsay have you seen my breath? I think it ran off with yours to leave us here alone. So I can love you 'til there's nothing left, and you can sing out my name in your velvet tones, yeah you sing my name in your velvet tones. Last night we talked until the sun came up, sharing coffee cup confessions of shame and sin. We spoke of others, for lovers whom we gave ourselves up, and closed our eyes so we could rush right in. Hey Lindsay let's just share this breeze, winds are calm and we can take it slow, and sail together long as we both please, and should we ever think it's best we go, I will still love you and I think we know our minds - so before we waste more time, let's step back and think this over. But look here, at how I've let you in. I talk so cool, at least I do my best. Logic and reason are some damn good friends, but this ain't logic beating in my chest. This isn't logic beating out of my chest.