From the recording All's Well (2016)

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Me, myself and a hundred million others set out to break an egg. We traveled far through the muck to Fallopian, and oh so many of my comrades died along the way. I was the only one victorious; to penetrate and activate a life first world and middle class. I tried my best and my best was more than good enough for me. Now there’s a monkey on my back I call “Society”. He got a fishing pole he keeps out there in front of me. Baits the hook with butterflies and a bunch o’ lies I’ve seen on my T.V. You see, I meet my goals and my goals just get loftier, bless my soul ‘cause it’s never satisfied with where I am. I try my best but my best is never good enough. Never stop proving. Never stop improving. Never stop. Who could live in the present when it’s quite recommended to be discontented and climb a ladder that has no end, to praise and to flaunt an addiction to want? Cast my line to the stars again, it’s unprecedented and slightly demented as people unto their deaths defend this praising and flaunting addiction to wanting oh why can’t I be here with what is here? It’s not like me to be so down. I’ve become one fine machine, running on amphetamines. I’d like to lose my mind, he’s ever so unkind and shows no sign that he’ll ever change.