1. Faded Glory

From the recording All's Well (2016)

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Black Friday rises on a Thursday morning. Wonder what’s in stock? They’re lined up ‘round the block. Hey Wally, you shepherd to their flock by night! It’s 4am, Thanksgiving and they’re thankful to be locked outside your door!
Low prices, nobody sells for less. God save the children of Bangladesh. Faded Glory jeans from tiny hands cost next to nothing. Hey Wally, you’re the king of evil genius. Seems you won the war, you’re making more and more. Old Levi shut down U.S. stitching plants, put thousands out of work and now those thousands buy their wardrobe at your store. Everybody clap your hands! Stop! You don’t have to. Just because you can, you don’t have to. Low prices, always by any means. No rivals, blown ‘em to smithereens. Faded Glory comin’ to your town costs next to nothing ‘til you look around. So don’t look around. See Wally thumping his mighty chest! Is this America at her best? Faded Glory - ain’t it apropos? We’re middle classless with nowhere to go. Where we gonna go? (to Wal-Mart, I guess)