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So you packed your discontentment in a van
made a pilgrimage to where it all began
seeking comfort in the echoes of your youth
But there's a Starbucks where your memories once stood
the world's best pizza down on Main Street ain't that good
and as you dine beneath that sign of neon blue
you suppose that what they say is true

There's no going home again

Like a pair of pants to snug around the waist
there's an air of disappointment on your face
but you're the only thing that doesn't seem to fit
And if you think this town has changed too much for you
don't forget you've done some gentrifying too
You're a stranger coming in from out of state
with a sun tan and new license plates

There's no going home again

So you have to move on
Yeah you gotta move on

But all this wisdom gained is hardly worth the cost
when a feelin' you've been longing for is lost
and it's doubtful you could feel that way again
and if you seek the guilty parties of this crime
you'll soon find the only criminal is time
time will never let its keepers stay the same
and it always goes much faster than it came
and it's harder when there's no one you can blame

There's no going home again
So you have to move on